Why being frugal now will make you rich and happy

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Often times we look at frugality as another word for cheap or stingy with money. This article is hopefully going to correct your perspective.

Frugality is being creative with how you spend your money. It’s planning out your purchases so you can save as much as possible.

I say it’s being creative because in order to limit how much you spend and still get the things you want, you have to look further than just whipping out your credit card. You have to plan ahead, look for deals, and find alternatives.

These all take creativity. Anyone can can buy something, but Frugal people are picky with what they buy, because they understand that happiness doesn’t lie in material possessions and choose to spend their money on worthwhile things. The increase in their savings is icing on the cake.

This is not to say that people who aren’t Frugal just throw away their money. But, there is a difference in the ease of their spending habits. They don’t usually plan ahead and impulsively buy as they go, never counting the thousands of dollars they’ve wasted that year on things that they no longer find interesting.

I can relate to you non-Frugal people, because I’ve been there. I wasn’t always frugal.

But, I distinctly remember how I felt with no savings and how uneasy I was when an emergency expense came up and I had to borrow money to fund it. It sucked. I now know better.

I’m guessing your reading this because you’re either on the fence about being frugal, you’re new to frugality, or you’re just wondering why Frugal is even a thing. This post will help clarify things for ya.

5 reasons being frugal will enhance your life

  1. It will give you more control over your hard earned money
  2. You’ll save a lot more money
  3. It makes it easier to plan for your future goals
  4. You’ll have less stress from debt or struggling to afford something you need
  5. You’ll build wealth, which is by far the most important benefit you’ll enjoy.

You’re whole life will positively change!

If you’re just starting to explore how to save money and want to get FREE tools to help get you started, you should join the current Build Your Wealth Challenge. It’s got tons of helpful tools and I even give you exclusive access to the resource library. You should check it out!

Frugality has become the new F word, but it shouldn’t be! That word has a lot of power in enhancing your life. My advice? Learn it, apply it, and enjoy the benefits. I do each and every day.

Peace and love my frugal friends,


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